product range

Our product range is extensive and includes (but is not limited to) the following:

Snack Items

Samosas (Various fillings and sizes)    Spring Rolls (Various fillings and sizes)
Boreks (Various fillings and sizes)    Sambousek (Various fillings and sizes)
Speciality regional Indian snacks    Middle Eastern Snacks     (Kibbi, Fatayer, Falafel)    Wraps
Pies and Pastries    Paninis & Ciabattas     Food to Go

Breads & Pastry

Indian Breads (Naan, Chapati, Paratha)    Middle Eastern Bread (Lavas, Pitta)
Pastry (Filo, Spring roll pastry, Kanafeh (Kataifi), Punjabi style)    Speciality Pancakes


Various Indian style kebabs    Various Middle Eastern Kebabs    Chicken Satay    Chicken Yakitori

Value Added Chicken

Hot & Spicy Crispy Chicken    Southern Fried Chicken    Chicken Steaks    Breaded Chicken    Chicken Tikka

Ready Meals

Indian    Thai    Chinese    Malaysian    Indonesian    North American
South American    Mexican    British    Italian    Greek

Meze & Tapas

Olive oils    Selection of Olives    Sun Dried Tomatoes    Dolmades    Selection of Cheeses
Cured Meats & Salamis    Roasted Mediterranean vegetables    Dips

Specialised Items

Stevia products    Selected Teas    Herbs and Spices

For a more detailed list of items we have develop or to discuss any bespoke products please contact us